Ameriquest 2 mortgage

Ameriquest 2 mortgage services DDB, Los Angeles Shows people in everyday situations that are misinterpreted, causing prejudice by some,

unlike Ameriquest representatives, who “don’t judge,” according to the tagline.

Anheuser-Busch 10 Bud, Bud Light; possibly DDB, Chicago and N.Y., Under consideration: Clydesdales get in snowball fight until alpha horse stops it in ad for Bud;

Michelob Amber Bock; Goodby, S.F.; TBWA\C\D, Playa del Rey, Calif. Ad showing a timid parachutist lured out by instructor with a Bud Light; A desert island

and others fantasy (Bud Light) and a responsibility spot (A-B) star Cedric the Entertainer.

Buena Vista Films 1 The Pacifier in-house Trailer for The Pacifier, an action comedy starring Vin Diesel. 2 Web site Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago Two spots parody dissatisfying work experiences and show an office staffed by monkeys, features tagline, “A better job awaits.”

Cosentino USA 1 Silestone Freed, Sugar Land, Texas Dennis Rodman, Mike Ditka and others discuss their favorite Silestone tile color.

Eli Lilly 2 Cialis Grey, New York Ad features Ronettes song “Be My Baby,” shows couples over 40 cuddling.

Diamond of Calif. 1 Emerald Nuts Goodby, San Francisco A unicorn, Santa and the Easter Bunny chastise a man for lying to his daughter and saying he can’t share his Emerald Nuts with her or the mythical creatures will disappear.

FedEx 1 FedEx Kinko’s BBDO, New York Ad for FedEx Kinko’s brand stars Burt Reynolds.

Ford 3 Ford F-series pickup JWT, Detroit Unknown

Lincoln Mark LT Y&R, Detroit Unknown

Frito-Lay 1 Lay’s potato chips Spike DDB, New York A grumpy neighbor with a high fence won’t return a ball tossed over it—until he gets a bag of Lay’s, then he returns a bunch of things, including M.C. Hammer from the ’80s.

General Motors 6 Cadillac Chemistri, Troy, Mich. Shows the CTS-V, STS-V and XLR-V models backing up into darkened tunnels and then shooting out of them, as though out of the barrel of a gun, as a voice says “Bang.” 1 Web site The AdStore, New York A buxom spokeswoman insists she won’t have a “wardrobe malfunction” to a Senate panel.

Honda 2 Ridegline RPA, Los Angeles Honda Ridgeline appears and disappears through clouds on a mountain range.

MasterCard 1 credit/debit cards McCann Erickson, New York Unknown

MBNA 1 credit cards The Helm Agency, New York Gladys Knight invades a rugby game and starts to play as John Travolta asks what the team

and Knight have in common in a voiceover (they both can have personalized MBNA cards).

McDonald’s 1 food products DDB, Chicago Undetermined

McIlhenny 1 Tabasco DDB, Dallas A woman sunbathing mixes up her suntan lotion with a bottle of Tabasco.

MGM 1 Be Cool in-house Trailer for Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty, starring John Travolta.

Novartis 1 Ciba Vision Grey, New York Shows people glancing and flirting with each other wearing 02optix contact lenses.

Olympus Imaging 2 m:robe Martin Agency, Richmond, Va. Mini-music videos dir. by Dave Meyers show still and moving pictures of people dancing.

Paramount 2 films in-house Trailers for The Longest Yard, War of the Worlds.

PepsiCo 6 Diet Pepsi DDB, Chicago Two Diet Pepsi ads star Cindy Crawford and Sean “Puffy” Combs, directed by Joe Pytka.

Pepsi/iTunes TBWA\C\D, Playa del Rey, Calif. Unknown

Sony Pictures 1 Hitch in-house Trailer for Hitch, starring Will Smith.

Subway 1 Toasted subs Goodby, San Francisco Set outdoors in a cold winter scene, the heat of a toasted sub is the subject of a joke.

Unilever 1 Degree Lowe, New York Introduces “In-Action Heros,” including “Mama’s Boy,” who never take any risks—his mom lays out

clothes for him. Degree, on the other hand, is for risk takers who sweat.

Universal Pictures 1 films in-house Possibly a trailer for The Interpreter, starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn.

Visa 1 credit/debit cards BBDO, New York Marvel Comics characters rush to help a woman in an alley who’s lost her Visa card.

Volvo 1 XC90 V8 Euro RSCG, New York Richard Branson is an astronaut whose rocket has a bumper sticker saying his other vehicle is a Volvo.