Amber Waves Of Grant’s Grain

Publicis/Bloom here returns Grant’s Farm premium breads this week to TV after a two-year branding hiatus.
Three 30-second spots for Grant’s Farm, owned by The Earthgrains Co. near St. Louis, will launch in 35 spot TV markets. Each touts the varieties and ingredients of the soft-textured wheat breads through bright farmland imagery.
“We did quite a bit of consumer research on these soft variety breads,” said agency co-chairman Steve Price. “What we found was . . . that the varieties themselves make this category so attractive. And the ingredients that go into the varieties really set them apart.”
Price said the budget will likely match or exceed the $2 million annually that Earthgrains spent on Grant’s Farm (marketed as Colonial in the Southeast) from 1993-1995, per Competitive Media Reporting.
The commercials open with a Grant’s Farm/Colonial logo shot on withered barn doors, which dissolves into visuals of a wheat field and the varying ingredients in the breads.
Markets included in the year-long campaign are Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, St. Louis and Memphis, Tenn. Point-of-sale displays will also be in the mix.
The agency previously marketed Grant’s Farm bread with celebrities like talk-show host Regis Philbin and, in 1996, animated characters from the “Blondie” comic strip. Spending tapered off to $1.3 million in 1996 before decreasing to less than $100,000 from January to November 1997, per CMR.