Altoids Seeks to Stay Fresh

Creatives at LB Works, a unit of Leo Burnett in Chicago, are working on a script for a Web movie that would be longer and more cine matic than the brand’s past efforts, sources said. Early drafts spoofed a sci-fi B movie, sources said.

Altoids was one of the first brands to use Web films for its marketing efforts, starting in 1999 with clips touting a Cinnamon extension and continuing this year with minute-long educational-film spoofs for Altoids Citrus Sours. Since then, the arena has become increasingly crowded with brands such as BMW, Diet Coke and the U.S. Army attempt ing similar Web-based ventures.

Altoids, part of Kraft Foods’ Callard & Bowser-Suchard unit, virtually created the “super-mint” category seven years ago. Spending is about $15 million a year, according to CMR.