Alex Bogusky creative director/partner, Crispin po

Alex Bogusky creative director/partner, Crispin porter & Bogusky

Reality-based advertising (shot on video using real-life situations) will become as prevalent as reality-based programming. Soon, people will be just as sick of it. TiVo and Replay will be making real nice with the networks in an effort to save the multibillion-dollar model of advertising paying for programming. After all, what will TiVo owners record if nobody is left to pay for the programming? The timid will cut back and play it safe. The aggressive will take advantage and expand during these self-imposed hard times. Agencies will quietly figure out how to get paid for content they create and their clients sell for a profit—things like the Taco Bell dog T-shirt.

Joyce King Thomas evp/deputy creative director, McCann-Erickson

There’ll be less pointlessness and silliness. We’ll see more inventive advertising. Instead of everyone trying to have the same voice, sense of humor or sensibility, you’ll see brands pulling apart. The smart ones will want to figure out their brand voice, make the most of it and offer a clear proposition. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing smart work rather than safe work.