Alcohol Free Kids Wants To Combat Underage Drinking, ‘deglamorize’ Beer Ads, Find Agency

Campaign for Alcohol Free Kids (AFK) is about to invite shops nationwide to compete for an estimated $5-10 million ad assignment intended to help bring underage drinking under control.
The aim is to create a prototype campaign in Florida that can be rolled out nationally.
Letters requesting “a bid for your services” will go out this week to top Florida and national agencies, AFK officials said. “We’re looking for people with a real creative genius [who] feel protective of our kids,” said Susan Pall, co-founder of AFK.
AFK, based in Clearwater Beach, Fla., said the campaign initially will be designed to reach the Tampa, Fla., area and then expand to at least 15 national markets. Two other organizations, the National Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the American Council on Alcohol Problems, are also behind the anti-drinking effort.
AFK president Sandy Golden would only confirm that the primary funder of the advertising is a Christian billionaire backer of the organization who lost a family member to drunk driving. The letter to agencies states that AFK is interested in counteracting with its own image the Budweiser frogs and lizards that have become both popular and controversial.
“This campaign must deglamorize beer and alcohol in the minds of our youth,” states AFK’s letter.
Golden said AFK wants to saturate the market with a paid multimedia campaign. He did not yet have a time line for agency presentations or a final decision in the review process.
“The reason teen smoking has gone up despite all the counter advertising is because alcohol use and teen smoking go together,” Golden said. “We have to address both.”
AFK recently made a small splash in the Beltway with its petition to the Federal Communications Commission requesting that V-chips include the capability of blocking alcohol and beer advertising [see “D.C. Dossier,” page 27].