Agencies Wanted for Egg Hunt

The California Egg Commission has begun a review of agencies nationwide for its $3 million advertising account.
Incumbent Evans, Hardy & Young in Santa Barbara, Calif., has been invited to defend the business and is an automatic finalist, according to the client.
The commission, which represents California egg producers, is looking for an agency to take recent research findings about the nutritional benefits of eggs and mold an informative and entertaining message to consumers, according to Robert D. Pierre, president of the Upland, Calif.-based group.
Pierre commended Evans, Hardy for its “mom and baby” commercials and award-winning infomercial. But he said the exhaustive University of Arizona study, covering 224 research projects since 1966, contains “exciting information for the egg industry.”
The commission is asking agencies to submit at least three examples of their food or other product advertising by Oct. 30.
Finalists will be announced Nov. 3, with presentations before the advertising committee and commission slated for Nov. 18-19.