Aflac Sends Its Duck to a Yoga Class

Duck does downward facing dog in new TV spot

Aflac, the leading provider of supplemental insurance in the U.S., has sent its mascot duck to a yoga class, and predictably, the duck doesn’t quite get the hang of it.

The new Aflac TV spot, which airs on the Country Music Awards and You Tube, has the duck attempting various yoga poses, none of them very successfully. And when it comes to yoga breathing….well, the duck’s slow, mindful, out breath sounds just like the Aflac quack.

Aflac's total revenues have declined 3.4% to $5.8 billion during the second quarter of 2014 and Aflac’s chief marketing officer, Michael Zuna, explained to Marketing Daily that the ad is part of Aflac’s ongoing efforts to tailor their message toward women. The idea behind putting the duck in a yoga studio is based on research that shows that women make the majority of purchasing decisions, including insurance.