Aeropostale on Film

Clothing maker Aeropostale has mounted its first ad campaign with a back-to-school effort highlighted by a 35-second spot appearing in movie theaters during the previews.
Bozell, Chicago, created the campaign, which looks to get inside the head of Aeropostale’s target audience of teenagers and college-aged young adults seeking to be hip.
In the spot, a rapidly paced series of fashion shots, with the film’s edge showing, is displayed against voiceovers from youthful subjects sharing their thoughts and dreams.
“I think a lot about world hunger,” says a young girl. “I think a lot about environmental issues,” says a boy. “I think a lot about my hair,” a second girl says.
A subsequent group of teens talks about their academic dreams. One hopes to pass French, a second calculus. A third just wants to pass a taco stand.
The juxtaposition of thoughts deep and facile ultimately sets up the campaign’s tagline, “Life can be serious, your clothes should be fun.”
The made-for-theater spot broke over the weekend in 16 East Coast and Midwest markets, including Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.
Three print ads taking a similar tack are in the September issue of Seventeen magazine.
New York-based Aeropostale operates 129 stores across the country and expects to open 30 more by the end of the year.