Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Cheerios ‘Just Checking’

You'd think this new Cheerios ad from Saatchi & Saatchi in New York might go largely unnoticed, given the plethora of interracial couples on TV shows these days. Instead, it went viral and amassed controversial comments on YouTube.


Samsung ‘Swaddle Master’

In its cute new Samsung spot, 72andSunny stops pushing the Galaxy S4 as the cool kids' alternative to the iPhone and sets its sights on a new target audience.


Oscar Mayer ‘Say It With Bacon’

For their upcoming Hallmark holiday, the fathers of the world do not want a Rubik's Cube pencil holder, a madras button-down shirt or a leather six-pack holder. So what do they want? In a word, pork.


Ibizious ‘Energy Drink’

This pretty long commercial for Ibizious energy drink is either a fever dream or an acid trip from the 1980s, complete with 8-bit video games, lots of neon, hair dogs, boom boxes, hot chicks in hairspray and ... wait, is that Michael Jackson??


Heineken ‘The Voyage’

In a new spot from Wieden + Kennedy, Heineken presents yet another "Man of the World." This time, he's in for quite the adventure in India.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade ‘Bowling’

Alcohol ads aren't usually very poetic, but Grey's new work for Mike's Hard Lemonade is literally so, as the alcopop evolves its positioning from an occasional alternative to beer to a drink that's good anytime.


Ibis Hotels ‘Snuggling Bunnies’

Cats get most of the Internet love, but bunnies can put on quite a show of devastating cuteness as well—as displayed in this new spot from BETC London for Ibis Hotels.


Holland Tourism ‘The Original Cool’

Holland's new tourism campaign proposes that the country everyone knows for canals and wooden shoes is actually the coolest place on earth.


Volkswagen ‘Wedding’

How much does this Volkswagen Jetta owner love his car? A lot. In fact, he loves it enough to risk ruining the most important moment of his bride's life.


UNCF ‘Sydni’

UNCF asks: What if you could invest in social change? How much would you give to create a "social return"—the positive impact of education on the world as a whole? In this ad, Sydni isn't just a young lady. She's your dividend.