Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week


Old Spice ‘Shower’

Few brands have mastered the marketing non sequitur quite as well as Old Spice, whose new ads for its Figi bar soap quickly take a surrealist turn.


Subaru ‘Cut the Cord’

Subaru owners knew it almost before the company did. It was always about love. The latest ad, "Cut the Cord," about a girl's first day of school, is yet another from the carmaker reflecting this theme. 


Diet Coke ‘Music That Moves’

Taylor Swift, as an official "brand ambassador" for Diet Coke, lets you inside her songwriting process in a new ad from Droga5 and MJZ director Fredrik Bond.


Bank of America ‘Portraits’

Financial services is a tough category, but this really excellent generational short film for Bank of America is kind of a triumph of copywriting over brand identity.


Starburst ‘Orchard’

In a new campaign from DDB Chicago, Michael Bolton's slick vocals are the reason why the candy is so "unexplainably juicy."


Holiday Inn Express ‘Equation’

Holiday Inn Express is reviving its popular, long-running "Stay Smart" message—in which average people find themselves magically endowed with remarkable talents thanks to a great night of budget-hotel sleep—with two new spots from Ogilvy & Mather, which won the business last year.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ‘The Replacers’

In a three-minute clip from 72andsunny, veteran movie tough guy Peter Stormare reprises his role as a ludicrously intense dude who substitutes for average Joes in their daily lives so they'll have more time to play the massively popular game.


Little Caesars ‘Quality Sauce’

Little Caesars new campaign focuses on its ingredients. The pizzamaker is serious about making quality sauce. How serious? Latin-level serious.


Reliant Energy ‘Connections’

Moving sucks. But a new campaign from Grey San Francisco features Matthew McConaughey offering soothing promises as to how Reliant's myriad services will make it better.


Triscuits ‘The Crackers, They Are A’changin’

After trying the new Brown Rice and Wheat Triscuit, two friends who are stuck in the past discover that new things can be good after all.