Adweek Media Survey

What Clients Think About Media

Utilities: 5%
Automotive 22%
Food & Beverage Packaged Goods: 22%
Computer/Technology: 13%
Telecommunications: 12%
Pharmaceutical: 11%
Retail: 8%
Financial Services: 7%

For the nation’s biggest clients, using specialist media services has become standard industry practice.

Nevertheless, media agencies’ oft-expressed goal of becoming true marketing partners to their clients is so far unfulfilled. Clients also have yet to arrive at a consensus about the best way to use a media agency.

These are some of the topline findings in the inaugural Aweek/Morgan Anderson Consulting Media Survey, the first in-depth, statistically projectable analysis of how top advertising clients in the U.S. view and manage their investments in marketing communications and their agencies.

The survey includes responses from executives responsible for advertising at more than 60 companies with collective 2000 media spending of $26 billion-plus. The project is a joint venture between Adweek, managementconsulting firm Morgan Anderson Consulting and research firm Mediamark Research Inc.

Fielded in April, the Client Survey includes the responses of top-level executives who are responsible for advertising efforts at companies spending $100 million or more annually on paid media. The survey went live by e-mail to 812 advertising management executives,followed by two remindere-mails. In all, 105 surveys were completed in full, a response rate of nearly 23 percent.

The Food & Beverage/Packaged Goods and Automotive categories are the largest in the survey, each representing 22 percent of total client respondents. Executives responding to the study also work in the Computers/Technology (13 percent); Telecommunications (12 percent); Pharmaceutical (11 percent); Entertainment/Publishing/Retail (8 percent); Financial Services (7 percent); and Consumer Durables/Utilities (5 percent) categories.

The survey findings include the datum that 83 percent of respondents use more than one shop for general advertising. An even higher percentage, 88 percent, use either an unbundled or independent service for media planning or buying or both.