‘Adweek’ Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform

Buy online campaigns of any size with Shiny Ads tech

Adweek has partnered with Toronto-based technology company Shiny Ads to create the new Adweek Self-Serve Ad platform.

The service now lets anyone upload a 300 x 250 banner ad and secure a set number of impressions for as little as $500. This will allow marketers with any size budget to speak directly to Adweek’s growing readership. If you don’t have a banner design handy, don’t worry. Just use the platform’s tool set to create banner ad designs that will run alongside Adweek’s editorial content.

“The interest in Adweek.com has exploded since its relaunch,” said Adweek publisher Erica Bartman. “The new Self-Serve Ad Platform is a great tool for products and services looking to connect with Adweek's readers, who are not only decision makers in every sector of the industry, but also executives looking for new and exciting ideas." 

“We are Adweek after all,” added Doug Ferguson, gm of digital at Adweek. “We should constantly be investigating and even experimenting with new digital ad models.”

The Shiny Ads technology integrates with Adweek.com’s advertising system, automatically inspecting available inventory and fulfilling self-serve clients’ desired number of impressions. That allows it to generate revenue from new sources while avoiding any interference with ads sold to clients by the Adweek sales team, which the system always grants priority.

"Shiny Ads enables premium publishers to generate revenue from sources which were either shut out from or were very unprofitable,” said Shiny Ads founder and CEO Roy Pereira. “Our products target sell-side automation of premium inventory and are geared toward maximizing revenues for online publishers."