Ads We Hate… Ads We Hate To Love

Old navy “Naturals” Sure, your wardrobe can affect the way you feel, but should Old Navy’s wares make you downright delirious with joy? The retail chain’s latest ads from Deutsch/LA showcase its styles with jubilant expressions of clothes-inspired revelry. In a recent spot set at a rooftop party, young adults are having such a great time in their Old Navy clothes, they synchronize line dance, swing each other and twirl, and one woman even dances with her dog to demonstrate just how much fun one can have in Old Navy’s “new naturals.” Old Navy ads have never been serious, and they shouldn’t be, but ads like this, and others on air, like a spot with a hands-across-America-style dance number, don’t take the brand’s campy heritage far enough to feel fresh and hip. They only feel hokey.