Ads With Muscle

Dated concepts of femininity and Martha Stewart both get some good-natured ribbing in the first work for bodybuilding Web site

The Internet banner ads, which broke late last month from Follis Advertising in New York, play off the old-fashioned mentality that femininity’s all about baking cookies and arranging flowers, said John Follis, agency president/creative director.

One ad shows the bold words, “Martha Stewart’s a wuss,” on a reddish background before animating to a clickable logo. Another states, “It’s never nice to kick a man’s butt. But it’s nice to know you could.”

“We just tried to be a little playful,” said Follis, on the riff on the Stewartesque mentality. He added the idea was to show that there’s another side to feminin ity—having a strong, fit and healthy body—that’s just as important to aspire to., based in Hoboken, N.J., was started by bodybuilder Lori Victoria Braun and partner Chris Meatto. It provides health and workout tips for women and also lets them connect with other female bodybuilders.

Follis is also planning a similarly themed guerrilla-marketing campaign that may include postcards and billboards.