Ads Break, DoskoSport Golf Bag Doesn’t

DALLAS DoskoSport this week launched its first national campaign for its Cargo Golf ProSeries bag with a TV spot, print ad and outdoor elements developed by The Richards Group, the company said.

The campaign from the independent Dallas agency demonstrates the bag’s durability through stunts conducted by technicians in white lab coats. In the “Fluorescent” TV spot, a lab tech tests the durability of one of the Cargo Golf ProSeries bags as it takes a cross-country plane ride with a fluorescent light tube inside. Using rapid-cut editing, the spot flips quickly through each step of travel as the bag is tossed, dumped and stacked. The bag arrives with the light tube intact. “If it can protect this,” says the announcer, “imagine how well it can protect your clubs. The Cargo Golf bag. Take it wherever your game takes you.”

The print ad shows a laboratory in which a technician stands on a Cargo Golf ProSeries bag while holding a golf cart over his head. Two other technicians evaluate the bag as it endures the pressure from above. “The Cargo Golf bag’s hard-shell inner core withstands virtually all punishment travel dishes out. Yet it’s stylish enough for everyday use,” proclaims the copy.

The TV spot will air on the Golf Channel, while print ads will appear in golf enthusiast magazines, the agency said.

Campaign spending was not disclosed.

Based in Arlington, Texas, Doskocil manufactures DoskoSport durable protective cases for pets and sporting goods such as the Gun Guard, Bow Guard, Camera Guard and Camp Mate.