This Adorable, Amazing Video of Future Olympians Is a Viral Hit for

Toddler athletes have 33 million Facebook views

From Michael Phelps' proud mom to gymnast Aly Raisman's hilariously nervous parents, the Rio Olympics has so far been stacked with awesome moments of parents cheering on their Olympians from the stands. But before Raisman and Phelps went for the gold, their parents were encouraging them on a much smaller stage. Parenting website Fatherly is celebrating those moments with a video of future Olympians and the parents who encouraged them along the way.

The video, which features a baby freestyle swimmer, toddler table tennis player and pint-size boxer (the future stars of the 2032 Olympic team), has been a hit with Fatherly's audience of millennial dads, garnering 33 million views on Facebook since it was posted on Aug. 5.

So much Olympics-themed messaging, like P&G's "Thank You Mom" campaign, is centered on moms, but Fatherly's video gives dads their due.

"The parenting messaging around the Olympics, particularly from brands, has always been dominated by motherhood. But dads make up a significant majority of kids' coaches, and fathers' roles in future Olympians' success really resonates with our audience," said Simon Isaacs, Fatherly's co-founder and chief content officer.

Olympics-related content, like Fatherly's recent interview with Missy Franklin's father about what it's like to raise an Olympic champion, also has struck a chord with Fatherly's readers, Isaacs added.

"The video is doing well because people are talking about the Olympics, and videos of kids doing inspiring things also do really well," he said. "Also, the message of the importance of spending time with your kids really resonates with parents."

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