Pogo Man has struck again. That’s the affectionate nickname personnel at R.J. Gibson in North Palm Beach, Fla., have given their creative director, Ken Roscoe. Since entering the advertising profession 18 years ago, Roscoe has designed more than 100 logotypes for
various corporations and major events.
His latest effort is a bright, shiny symbol for SunFest 2000, Florida’s largest music and art festival, which is expected to attract more than 600,000 visitors during its four-day run next May.
Roscoe’s designs have already appeared on everything from roadside signs and business cards to apparel and ads for companies like First Bank of Florida, PGA of America and PAX TV. He was also responsible for R.J. Gibson’s graphic identity.
Creating logos has been a longtime passion of Roscoe, who in his spare time donates his skills to nonprofit organizations in Florida.
But he still harbors a dream assignment.
“I’m a big Miami Dolphins fan, and I always thought I could do better than that,” Roscoe said. “I’d love to get a shot.” –T.W. Siebert