Adidas Creates Race Up Building

NEW YORK Forty athletes compete to be the fastest to scale a 100-meter vertical track that runs up the side of a building in Adidas’ latest outdoor installation of its “Impossible is nothing” campaign.

Created by TBWA\Japan as part of the collaboration between 180 in Amsterdam and TBWA Worldwide on the sportswear brand’s account, “Adidas Impossible Sprint” takes place on two buildings in Hong Kong and Osaka, Japan.

Athletes, who range from marine consultants to firemen and who all practrice rock climbing or a similar sport, are competing against each other to make it up the building the fastest in an elimination tournament. A preliminary round took place on Saturday, and heats took place Sunday in both Hong Kong and Osaka. The semifinal and final rounds will take place this weekend. The winner gets $10,000, the first runner-up wins $5,000, and the second runner-up takes home $3,000.

The event is timed to coincide with the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Previous outdoor “Impossible is nothing” installations featured people playing soccer and basketball vertically.