Ad Stocks Slip

Stocks finished steady for the week following news of improving retail sales and mild inflation. The Labor Department reported that surging fuel costs drove the consumer price index up 1.2 percent in September, its biggest increase in 25 years. After adjusting for energy and food, however, most prices increased just 0.1 percent. The Commerce Department reported retail sales were up 0.2 percent last month after falling 1.9 percent in August. The Dow lost 5.6 points (.05 percent), closing at 10,287.34. The Nasdaq lost 26.85 points (1.2 percent), closing at 2,064.83. Ad stocks closed down for the week. WPP finished down 98 points (1.9 percent) at $49.19, despite upgrades to “buy” from Citigroup and UBS. Omnicom closed at $79.20, up 11 points (0.14 percent). And gains off of Interpublic’s restatement early this month continued to erode as its price fell to $11.10, down 17 points (1.5 percent).