Ad of the Day: You Just Might Pee Yourself Over Copper Mountain’s Gloriously Weird Ads

Anatomical spots show how snow days rile up your insides

If there's a better way to sell folks on Copper Mountain skiing than dressing actors up as urine—yes, urine!—I'm certainly not aware of it.

That's just one of four loopy anatomical scenarios that Seattle agency Wexley School for Girls sends careening down the slopes to illustrate, in no uncertain terms, that "Everyone deserves a snow day"—preferably at the Colorado resort.

Cal McAllister, agency co-founder and creative director, explains: "Everyone else in the ski industry shows someone carving down the mountain on a sunny day. Yawn." So, for this campaign, dubbed "One Two Free!", the Wexley team—many of whom are snow sports enthusiasts—opted for a more visceral approach.

"When someone is pretty sure they are about to have one of their favorite days of the year, things happen to the body," McAllister says. "We wanted to capture the physiological changes that happen when your body has the thrill of hearing your day just got wide open. Copper doesn't just get that, they live it."

In this spot, a mustachioed guy representing the heart—though he looks more like a pro wrestler who hasn't won a match in years—gets awfully pumped up about a day at the resort:

In this one, a neuron that resembles an alien reject from Lost in Space (or possibly one of Katy Perry's dancers) strikes just the right chord:

And, channeling 2001: A Space Odyssey, here's the perfect pupil for a skiing lesson:

With the bizarre sets and performers in wacky customs, McAllister says the shoot was a veritable avalanche of fun. "Sometimes you found yourself standing on an eye that is trying to blink, or saying, 'Yo, like a pee drop would ever say that,' " he says,.

That definitely makes for a surreal answer to the question, "What did you do today?"


Client: Copper Mountain Resort

Agency: Wexley School for Girls, Seattle

Executive Creative Director: Cal McAllister

Director of Production: Gabe Hajiani

Project Management Supervisor: Dee Dee Jones

Writer: Matt Kappler

Art Director: Lindell Serrin

Associate Producer: Tara Cooke

Account Director: Jordan Karr

Account Managers: Josh Brewer, Nick Minnott

Production Company: Dos Rios

Director: Mark Mirabile

Executive Producer: Paul Breslin

Director of Photography: Ryan Purcell

Gaffer: Vince Climek

Key Grip: Michael LePard

Swing: Issac Lane

Art Director: Oscar Lofgren

Art Assistant: Beth Batson

Costume Designer: Ron Leamon

Wardrobe Assistant: Jerrard Parr

Visual Effects Director: Trent Woolford

Audio Mixer: Matt Sheldon

Production Assistants: Anne Marie Zerba, Mike Wells, Bryce Patridge

Editing Company: Dos Rios

Editor: Trent Woolford

Audio Company: Bad Animals

Sound Designer, Mixer: Dave Howe

Talent: Chip Wood, Max Harris, Jesse LaTourette, Jonathan Shue, Joanna Becher, David Hogan, Ernie Hall, Daniel Deal, Lucy Pearce, Casey Vrla

@DaveGian David Gianatasio is a longtime contributor to Adweek, where he has been a writer and editor for two decades. Previously serving as Adweek's New England bureau chief and web editor, he remains based in Boston.