Ad of the Day: Volkswagen

DDB Sydney delivers another quirky winner with its great-outdoors spot for the Tiguan crossover

There are two types of people in this world: those who like to "rough it," and those who don't. Well, who says you can't do both?

DDB Sydney's new Volkswagen Tiguan spot, "Cross Country," has very little to say in the way of dialogue—hell, it hardly says anything at all. But it speaks volumes. The ad doesn't show the outdoorsy Tiguan crossover attempting any ridiculous tasks, like climbing mountains or crossing rivers. It doesn't boast about how powerful it is. You don't get much info on the car at all.

Yet, creative directors Steve Wakelam and Nick Pringle, the same creative duo who produced the VW "Sleeper" spot in July, manage to tell a story while getting a nice, subtle message across. Which is: Once you drive the Tiguan, you develop a taste for the finer things in life—and you might cut some corners when it comes to slumming it.

The spot, set to a humorously posh musical selection, tells the story of a curious young couple living a quality, upbeat and free lifestyle, although evidently on a budget. They enjoy the little things together even if involves  "stealing" the complementary breakfast, rushing out of their hotel, being held up by a herd of crossing cow, hurdling barbed wire and running through the woods together. Not to spoil the ending, but these two are certainly caught between the lap of luxury and the rugged outdoors?

"The new Tiguan. Quality you could get used to," says the onscreen copy at the end.

Roughing it without really roughing it—crossover people who are perfect for this crossover vehicle.


Agency: DDB, Sydney, Australia

Client: Volkswagen Tiguan

Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison

Creative Director: Steve Wakelam

Creative Director: Nick Pringle

Creative: Malcolm Caldwell

Creative: Ian Broekhuizen

Creative: Steve Wakelam

Creative: Nick Pringle

Creative: Nils Eberhardt

Creative: Steve May

Creative: Jim Curtis

Creative: Ryan Fitzgerald

Managing Partner: Nicole Taylor

Planning: Nick Andrews

Senior TV Producer: Victoria Bennett

Digital Producer: Rob Pignone

Digital Production: Per Thoresson

Digital Production: Ramon Rodriguez

Project Director: Ben Elvy

Print Producer: John Wood

Art Buyer: Leesa Murray

Director: Sean Meehan

Executive Producer: Sam McGarry

Production House: Soma Films

Editor: Drew Thompson

Music: Elliott Wheeler

Sound Design: Simon Kane @ Song Zu

Photographer: Nick Meek

Retouching: Layer1

Media: Mediacom