Ad of the Day: Teleflora Beautifully Answers the Question ‘What Is Love?’ for Valentine’s Day

A rich bouquet of human experience

What is love? 

Teleflora poses this question at the start of an affecting Valentine's Day film, created by the (aptly named) Wonderful Agency. The work treats us to a two-minute montage featuring folks of various ages, races and sexual orientations cherishing the people they love. 

The main focus is on romantic intimacy. Diverse couples go on dates, snuggle under covers, celebrate their shared lives and even suffer the pangs of separation. But the ad also shows other kinds of love, such as a mom cuddling her baby, and kids bonding on a playground. 

The narration employs disparate voices—old, young, male and female—to great effect. For example, the line "You're my best friend" is spoken by a child during a playground scene, then a few seconds later by a woman she cuddles with her lover in the early-morning light. Using the same words in different contexts underscores the notion that all types of love are essential to the human condition, as do sequences with lesbians, seniors, a gay wedding and a deaf couple who express their feelings in sign language. 

Some might dismiss this approach as merely jumping on the social-issues bandwagon, but politics aside, it's a smart move for a brand whose stock in trade is delivering floral messages of affection that must be as inclusive as possible. (Necco's Sweethearts candy took a similar tack in its Valentine's campaign.) 

While less of a tear-jerker than Teleflora's viral Mother's Day video, "What is Love?" ultimately scores by answering its own question as well as possible. "Love," we're told at the end, "is our greatest gift." Now, that's truth in advertising!  

Props to director Cameron Dutta and editor Tamara Meem for building to an emotional payoff that's not the least bit sappy, and for keeping the sales message mostly in the background. A shorter version of the clip, shown below, is less satisfying. The flower imagery, and by extension, the Telflora pitch, is more intrusive, and the narration, which made the extended cut so special, is missing.

Breaking today on YouTube and Facebook, the work is part of a broader seasonal campaign that includes a free Teleflora Love Note Concierge service, with experts on hand from Feb. 3-12 to help customers compose messages for their Valentine's Day bouquets.

Sometimes, we all struggle to speak from the heart. 


Client: Teleflora

Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing: David Dancer

Senior Director, Consumer Marketing: Danielle Mason

Agency: Wonderful Agency

President: Mike Perdigao

SVP, Digital: Brien Grant

Group Director of Experiences: Andres Conde Broadcast Producer: Matt Conrad

Creative Director: Frances Perez

Associate Creative Director: Meghann Bass

Senior Digital Artist: Mike Hand

Production Company: Whitelist

Whitelist Producer: Jennifer Glynn

Director: Cameron Dutra

AD: Jesse Hays

Director of Photography: Niko Wiesnet

Production Designer: Tye Whipple

Editor: Tamara Meem

Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson

Post Production: Velem

Derek Hansen – Colorist

Summer McCloskey – Colorist Producer

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