Ad of the Day: Smirnoff

Get fluffed and whipped by David LaChapelle and Amber Rose in this sickly-sweet, crazy confection from JWT

From "bubblegum" to "cupcake," there seem to be an infinite number of dessert-flavored vodkas on the market, much of which is probably being ingested by freshman girls whose interests include Forever 21 and their "besties." But this holiday season, Smirnoff wants you to know that its sugary spirits are way less juvenile and a lot more sexy.

To promote Smirnoff's newest vodka products, "Fluffed" (as in marshmallow) and "Whipped" (like the cream), JWT New York brought in celebrity photographer and director David LaChapelle to try to convince us that candy-coated flavors aren't just for your underage cousin. The resulting spot, starring model-slash-actress Amber Rose (of "Kanye West's ex-girlfriend" and "Wiz Khalifa's current girlfriend" fame), is the definition of a hot mess.

The premise here is that Fluffed is all cool and fun, while Whipped is edgy and erotic. (What makes whipped cream any more badass than marshmallow fluff is a mystery to me.) To illustrate the difference between the two highly dissimilar flavors, Rose goes from one diabetes-inducing fantasy to another. "I might choose Fluffed," says the enigmatic star, as she cavorts in a marshmallow-y dream, before hopping in a limo to board her private jet. "Then again, I might choose Whipped," she coos, as golden canisters of aerated cream are squirted into women's open mouths. (In case you're still confused about what's what, here's a quick primer: Dance music, the color blue, and Poodles—all marshmallow fluff. Head banging, hard rock, and Doberman Pinschers—that's whipped cream. It makes total sense.)

By the end of this crazy spot, you're probably very confused and/or having flashbacks to Tommy Lee Jones's debauched Two-Face lair from the sixth-best Batman movie of the modern era, Batman Forever. (I am, at least.) Either way, in the words of Amber Rose, "Vodka never felt this good." Or this nauseating.


Client: Smirnoff

Spot: "Fluffed & Whipped"

Agency: JWT, New York

CCO: Peter Nicholson

ECDs: Matt MacDonald, Jeremy Postaer

Art Director: Eric Larkin

Director of Content: Sergio Lopez

Producers: Carrie Lewis, Andrea Curtin

Director of Music: Paul Greco

Sound Design: Alan Friedman

Audio Post Mix: Andy Green

Production Compay: HSI

Director: David LaChappelle

Music Supervision/Music License: Thwak! Music U.K.

Additional Music License: Human Worldwide

Post Production Co.: Nice Shoes

VFX Artist: Rich Schreck

Color Grading: Nice Shoes

Colorist: Lez Rudge