Ad of the Day: Qualcomm

OgilvyWest unveils a cute mascot for the Snapdragon brand in this grand medieval production

Qualcomm may be one of the world's main suppliers for smartphones and tablets, but few people recognize the brand behind the processor chips used in so many of their favorite mobile devices. To grab mass-market attention, OgilvyWest pulls out the stops in this new Qualcomm spot: It's executed as an epic movie trailer with live action shot around Vancouver and fantasy elements including castles, crossbows, knights and dragons that tease Qualcomm's new generation of Snapdragon processors coming this summer.

The dragon is central here, acting as a brand character that epitomizes the processors' upgrades. In the tongue-in-cheek execution, the agency, working with special-effects house Framestore, cuts the commercial's fire-breathing monster down to size, making it smaller, cuter and more brand appealing to consumers. "People love their devices, but they don't always know what it is that makes them work," says agency co-chief creative officer James Dawson-Hollis. "A big part of this was 'How do you make an emotional connection that is key to the thing that you love?' "

Someone who's given that a lot of thought is Qualcomm's new CMO, Anand Chandrasekher, who was hired from Intel last August. While he's pledged to boost advertising to build a consumer brand, the company won't be as demanding as Intel: He has said partners can "opt in" to the marketing initiative and aren't required to advertise the Qualcomm brand on their products.

It's not the first time the San Diego company has used creatures to represent brand attributes. A year and a half ago, Qualcomm used insects, spiders and scorpions in the "Bug Circus Generator" spot to show the efficiencies of a bug-powered smart phone. It was a clever spot from Denizen Co. in Los Angeles, but not nearly as consumer-friendly as the new spokesdragon, which may well show up in future Qualcomm ads.


Client: Qualcomm

Product: Snapdragon

Agency: OgilvyWest

Co-Chief Creative Officers: James Dawson-Hollis, Bill Wright

Creative Director, Copywriter: Nathan Dills

Associate Creative Director: Dennis Lee

Art Director: Carson Liu

Head of Integrated Production, Executive Producer: Carolyn Johnson

Postproduction: Framestore

Executive Producer: James Razzall

Director: Murray Butler

Director: David Mellor

Head of Production: Jonathan Shipman

Senior Producer: Satoko Iinuma

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