Ad of the Day: Planters

Mr. Peanut's stunt double takes a beating for Kraft brand's new peanut butter

Mr. Peanut, voiced of late by Robert Downey Jr., is apparently too much of a wuss to do his own stunts. So, Planters has brought in a new character, Doug, voiced by the more macho Kevin Dillon (aka, Johnny "Drama" Chase on HBO's Entourage), to be Mr. Peanut's stunt double.

Mr. P needs a stunt double because the Kraft brand is expanding into peanut butter, which requires the peanuts to get seriously pulverized. Thus, in the spot, below, we see Doug being sent in to take the "crushes" for his diva-ish celebrity look-alike and getting flattened by a statue, charged by an insect-bull, and crushed by a lighting rig. Each time, all that remains of Doug is a jar of peanut butter—as he flashes a thumbs-up through the top to let us know he's fine.

The spot, from ad agency Being (an offshoot of TBWA) and director Mark Gustafson of Laika, is amusing enough—cartoon violence is always a pretty sure bet, and the animation is nicely done. Beyond that, it's nothing earth-shattering. The brand isn't too much of a risk taker. Finally giving Mr. Peanut a voice last year—94 years after his creation—was, for them, a huge step. It's no surprise the spots themselves are eminently traditional. The most novel aspect of this new spot is that it debuted on Facebook, not TV, and clocks in at a wonky 44 seconds.

Planters says it wants to get consumers "thinking outside the lunchbox" and considering peanut butter to be as much an adult food as a kid food. As part of that effort, Planters has also commissioned chef Marcus Samuelsson (co-owner of Aquavit in New York) to create Kraft-exclusive recipes like Planters Peanut Butter-Chocolate French Toast and Planters Peanut Butter Steak Sauce. The brand's tagline, "Naturally remarkable," presumably wouldn't apply to those concoctions.


Client: Planters

Product: Planters Peanut Butter

Agency: Being, New York

Spot: "Peanut Butter Doug"


Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo

Creative Director: Kris Wixom

Creative Director: Alisa Wixom

Art Director: Jelani Curtis

Copywriter: Chris Stephens

Head of Production: Robert Valdes

Executive Producer: David Fisher

Producer: Howard Howell

Business Director: Caroline Winterton

Account Director: Kim Tice

Account Executive: Sara Heller

Group Assistant: Hunter Serenbetz


Production Company: Laika

Director: Mark Gustafson

Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack

Producer: Rebecca Bowen

Art Department

Creative Director: Kirk Kelley

Character Designer: Robin Ator

Storyboard Artist: Robin Ator

Photoshop Artist: Jenny Kincade


Art Department Lead (Character Fabrication): Katie Mello

Art Department Lead (Set/Prop Fabrication): Rob Melchior

Costumer: Margaret Meyer

Costumer: Sara Neiman

Wrangler: Rob Melchior


Director of Photography: John Nolan

Animator: Wendy Fuller

Animator: Chris Ohlgren

Motion Control: John Nolan

Swing/Elec/Grip: Erica Johnson

Stage Manager: Erica Johnson

Assistant Camera: Erica Johnson

Production Assistant: Dave Gulick

Production Assistant: Vanessa Walker


Editor: Michael Corrigan

Flame: Artist Rex Carter

Flint Artist: Leif Peterson

Tape Op: Travis Ezell

Scheduler: Melissa Tvetan

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