Ad of the Day: Persol Sunglasses Is Drawing a Graphic Novel in Real Time on Instagram

Jonathan Bartlett is illustrating the story based on likes

Steve McQueen helped make Persol 649 sunglasses famous. But recently, the glasses got a modern redesign, which is being supported by more modern storytelling—including a "Choose your own adventure" style graphic novel unfolding on Instagram.

You can see the beginning of the story here—or on Persol's Instagram page.

"The campaign puts users in the shoes of Frankie Malone, a rebel seeking to overthrow a regime that has outlawed free thought and stamped out individuality," the brand says. "It's a classic dystopian thriller that takes its cues from films like Blade Runner, Gattaca and Minority Report while modernizing the story for the world of social media."

Illustrator Jonathan Bartlett is drawing the new scenes after users collectively vote, with likes, for how the story should proceed.

The Instagram project, from ad agency Kettle, is a social extension of an above-the-line campaign titled "Meet the New Generation," starring Scott Eastwood.


Client: Persol

Agency: Kettle

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