Ad of the Day: Pampers

Saatchi celebrates the miracle that is kids in diaper spot

Here's a challenge: Watch this new commercial for Pampers by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, without going "Awww" at least once. The spot is a 60-second ode to the miracle of childbirth and children—in short, a celebration of life. And there's no need to get squeamish at the thought of screaming moms in stirrups suffering all manner of indignities at the hands of faceless medical staff in surgical gear. While not shying away from the variety and grittiness of the act of giving birth, the ad's creators have, for obvious reasons, kept the spot prime-time friendly. And that means delivering an onslaught of cuteness and life-affirming joy. There can be no faulting the selection of arrivals and slices of early life documented here—premature babies, long-awaited babies, healthy babies, special-needs babies, IVF, adoption, multilingual kids; they cover just about every possible base. The spot ends with a heartwarming line on screen: "Pampers believes every baby is a little miracle." Not a soul on the planet could argue with that. As a piece of brand building that plucks—nay, pounds—the heartstrings, this spot will go down as one of the greats. The only possible gripe is that all these babies would be just as miraculous if they were wearing Huggies instead of Pampers, or reusable cloth diapers, or indeed, nothing at all. But the genius of a spot this well executed is that it feels churlish to pick apart the logic. And for that reason, the brand can certainly be said to have spent its money wisely.