Ad of the Day: Oscar Mayer

A man travels across the country, paying for everything in bacon

In certain circles of ultra-hip foodies and culinary reactionaries, the bacon craze of the aughts has come and gone. But some interested parties—those who sell bacon, everyone who loves bacon—aren't ready to declare America's favorite pork meat passé.

In fact, Oscar Mayer wants to elevate bacon to a new echelon: It's not just a breakfast cut; it's currency.

The brand's new "Bacon Barter" campaign, spearheaded by digital agency 360i, is sending a traveler on a cross-country road trip sans cash—providing him instead with a tractor-trailer full of bacon, which he will trade for necessities along the way. The teaser promo below, a polished play on infomercial style, includes such illustrative gems as a beaming woman clutching a pitcher emptied of lemonade and filled with bacon. The campaign smartly integrates with social media, which the brand will use to source goods for its well-cast adventurer, comedian Josh Sankey.

Sankey began his expedition on Sunday in New York by bartering his way into a Jets game. He will use his 3,000 pounds of bacon to barter for everything, including food, gas and lodging. He'll hit 12 cities in all. His trip will wrap up Sept. 23 in Los Angeles.

Overall, it's just a really clever, upbeat and simple idea that rewards consumers with amusement—and bacon—without getting in its own way. Because, coronary-inducing properties aside, bacon is delicious. It's addictive. It might even have better prospects than the greenback.

Forget gold, Ron Paul. Peddle the bacon standard.


Client: Oscar Mayer

Agency: 360i, New York

Chief Creative Officer: Adam Kerj

Associate Creative Director: Aaron Mosher, David Yankelewitz

Executive Producer: Marc Calamia

Talent: Joshua Sankey

Senior Producer: Fred Kluth

Production Coordinator, Tour Manager: Alanda Fellows

Senior Art Director: Megan Schulist

Senior Copywriter: David Bourla

Digital Strategist: Amie Dowker

Senior Strategist: Keane Angle

Associate Social Marketing Strategist: Rebecca Carlson

Community Manager: Brenda Zarate

Community Supervisor: Chloe Mathieu-Phillips

Technical Director: Robert Durbin

Vice President, Influencer Marketing: Rebecca McCuiston

Senior Social Publicist: Margot Inzetta

Associate Social Publicist: Justin Schwartz

Production Partner: NBTV Studios

Senior Account Manager: Stephanie Dolan

Account Director: Laura Honeycutt

Executive Producers: Nick Buzzell, Brant Kantor

Story Producer: Eric Liebman

Director of Photography: Jonathan Schell

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