Ad of the Day: Nissan, 'Value of Zero'

TBWA puts powerful visuals behind a simple idea

Behold the power of a simple idea, perfectly executed. "Value of Zero," a spot by TBWA\Chiat\Day for the all-electric Nissan Leaf, keeps things basic and succeeds precisely because of that. Extrapolating from the basic fact that no emissions are better than any, the commercial takes a visual journey around the world, in pursuit of the number zero and objects and sights that resemble it. Starting with a drawing of zero on a chalkboard, moving through various displays registering the number zero, we then skip around the world in a striking collage of images of the number zero and shapes that resemble it. Glimpses of a manhole cover, playground equipment, bits of machinery, food, industrial pipes, fruit and some eye-popping geographical features are accompanied by a restrained voiceover and understated music. It is these two features that keep the commercial credible, without belaboring the central conceit that Nissan has discovered some new math relating to the number zero. It remains to be seen if the strong association with the number zero will woo customers in the increasingly competitive electric vehicle and hybrid market. But the spot will remain a powerful visual treat.