Ad of the Day: Millennials Don’t Need Your Stinking Capitalism, Says Amusing Sprite Ad

A tempting message of greed falls on deaf ears

Don't tell millennials your wise old fable about making a fortune through capitalism. They value more intangible things—like guzzling soda made by one of the world's biggest corporations.

Given the source of the message, the logic is a little bizarre in this new commercial for Coca-Cola-owned Sprite, airing regionally in Latin American markets. But it's delivered in a fun, quirky and likable style by creative agency Hello and MJZ directors The Perlorian Brothers (who are on a roll after also making those sublime Klarna "Smoooth" ads.)

The campaign introduces a new tagline, "Born to RFRSH," which replaces the 10-year-old "The way things are" and aims to reflect the change in teenagers over that time.

"This is a more participatory, more collaborative, less ironic teen who exists with a wealth of information so broad that it feels that everything's been written in the world and everything's been said," said Guillermo Giménez y Brotons, director of integrated marketing at Coca-Cola Latin America.

Teens now find their individuality in remaking the world, not reflecting it—in accepting things "not as they are, but as each of these teens redo them in their own way," he adds.


Client: Sprite

Agency: hello (

Creative Team: Ricardo Armentano, Walter Aregger, Hernan Ibarra.

Agency Producer: Gustavo Orueta-Chacho Verni.

Directors: The Perlorian Brothers

Production House: MJZ.

President: David Zander

Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins, MJZ. Flora Fernandez Marengo and Majo Garofali, Labhouse

Line Producer: Chris McBride, MJZ. Agustin Ortiz Byrne, Labhouse.

Postproducer: Gala Gonzalez Costes.

Cinematographer: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler

Production Designer: Rodrigo Martirena

Editor: Emiliano Fardaus

Client: The Coca-Cola Company: Luis Gerardin, Selman Careaga, Guillermo Gimenez y Brotons, Ismael Pascual, Roxana Paciente, Juan Carlos Mallet, Diego Bracamontes, Maria Belen Colombo, Maria Muchinik, Barbara Dominguez Cossio, Natalia Londono, Monica Alvarez de la Mora