Ad of the Day: LivingSocial

Daily deals site's London taxi drives you to crazy new experiences

LivingSocial, a Groupon rival in the deal-of-the-day category, says its local deals "drive you to surprising and delightful experiences." So, why not literally surprise and delight people—and drive them there, too?

That was the thinking behind the LivingSocial Taxi, a two-day stunt in London conceived and executed by Mind's Eye Media. Unsuspecting passengers who hopped into the taxi found themselves in a weird game show-like environment. They could continue to their destination, or "roll the dice" and embrace an unexpected, exciting new experience. The outings included chess boxing, pole-dancing fitness classes, chef master classes, a speedboat ride up the Thames, and the chance to feed a tiger up close and personal. Just your average day in the British capital, then.

The hidden-camera taxicab format is as old as the hills, but here it works well in showing rather than telling the simple, straightforward brand promise. You'll enjoy something new and different with LivingSocial, even if you have to drive yourself there.

Client: LivingSocial
Project: LivingSocial Taxi
Agency: Mind's Eye Media, London
Production Company: Mind's Eye Media
Creative: David Missen
Creative: Leo Minster
Director: Jez Murrell
Producer: Richard Guy
Executive Producer: Hughie Phillips