Ad of the Day: KFC Makes the Slowest-Cooked Fast-Food Ad Ever

BBH takes its time

Languid tales of southern Americana always make me feel hot and itchy. So, right from the start, I might not be the best audience for BBH London's 60-second "Bus" spot for KFC's slow-cooked, pulled-chicken menu.

An older guy reminisces about how his brother, as a young dude years ago, would take long bus rides with a beautiful girl until he summoned up the courage to talk to her.

"For months he rode that bus until the time was right," the voiceover says. "But the funny thing is, that girl lived way past our house. So every night he had to walk five miles home. To get something special takes time, I guess."

The flashbacks look like they take place just outside Mayberry, USA. The girl resembles Angelina Jolie. And if KFC was looking to equate women with chicken sandwiches, it can cross that off its bucket list.

BBH has been attempting more soulful advertising for KFC for some time. This new spot was directed by Benito Montorio, who also filmed BBH's truly wonderful "Emergency Chairs" ad for KFC back in 2011.

Now, somebody turn up that fan. Lawdy, it's hot today.


Client: KFC

Agency: BBH, London

Director: Benito Montorio