Ad of the Day: Gatorade

Sports drink's G Series gets inside you

PepsiCo's Gatorade continues to remake itself as a series, rather than just a drink. In case consumers had missed the message, this new 60-second anthem ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day, called "The Inside Edge," truly hammers home the proper way to consume the "G Series" of drinks. Though it skips from scene to scene, "superbly choreographed" is the best way to describe the action. Set to the classic James Brown track "Super Bad," this enervated sequence of athletes engaged in their specialized pursuits employs a perpetual zoom technique, getting closer and closer to each sweaty individual before zooming through to the next. This avoids any break in the action, maximizing the pace of the whole spot. The scenes are divided into three "acts," labeled on screen as "Before," "During" and "After," which are references to when one is meant to drink each of the three varieties of the G Series. The combination of Brown's high-octane vocals and the exhausting physical endeavors of the protagonists does work well to raise the viewer's heart rate. And what comes after that? Thirst, of course. And that is no mean feat: Not only does the spot give instruction on the correct way to consume the product, it also induces a desire to do so without the viewer turning away from the screen or shedding one drop of sweat.


Client: Gatorade

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles

Spot: "The Inside Edge"

Executive Creative Director: Patrick O'Neill

Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins

Creative Director: Donna Lamar

Copywriter: Eric Arnold

Art Director/ Associate Creative Director: Javier Castillo

Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson

Senior Producer: Lisa Johnson

Assistant Producer: Matt Magsaysay

Production Integration Manager: Dogan Dattilo

Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster

Worldwide Managing Director: Nick Drake

Account Director: Kristen Latto

Management Supervisor: Jaclyn Corr

Sports Marketing Account Executive: Drew Haberkorn/Lexi von der Lieth

Account Executive: Chanel Arola


Director: Gary Shore

Production Company: Anonymous Content

EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison

Executive Producer: Danielle Peretz

Head of Production: SueEllen Clair

Producer: Aristides McGarry

Director of Photography: Jess Hall

Production Designer: Bruce McCloskey

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors

Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver

Producer: Juliet Batter

Editor: Adam Pertofsky

Assistant Editor: Neil Meiklejohn

Visual FX: A52

Title Design: Elastic

Post Producer: Pete King

VFX Supervisor: Patrick Murphy

CG Supervisor: Adam Newman

2D VFX Artist(s): Jesse Monsour, Stefan Gaillot, Cole Schreiber Brendan Crockett, Andy

Barrios, Gizmo Rivera, Joy Tiernan, Todd Hemsley, Steve Miller, Richard Hirst, Cameron


CG Artists: Kirk Shintani, Paulo de Almada, Ian Ruhfass, Chris Janney, Erin Clark, Joe

Chiechi, Tim Donlevy, Chris Sanchez, Tom Nemeth

Roto Artists: Cathy Shaw, Matt Battaglia, James Buongiorno, Robert Shaw

Music (Anthem :60/:30): Call Me Super Bad by James Brown

Final Mix: Play

Mixer- John Bolen

Producer- Lauren Cascio


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