Ad of the Day: FedEx

Shipping boxes topple like dominoes in this fun and charming spot from BBDO Toronto

Are you a goose in Canada who needs to send a hockey stick to a puppy in Florida? Worry not. FedEx has you covered.

The charming spot below, from BBDO Toronto, features a grand domino-toppling sequence—with FedEx boxes as the dominoes—to promote the company's "less urgent" shipping options to the U.S. The action begins in the goose's purple office. (Note the two framed photos on his desk—one of his wife, and one of a guy who feeds him at the park—great little touch.) The hockey stick is dropped into a FedEx box, and we're off—as the parcel tips over and starts a chain reaction across a giant warehouse space.

The floor is painted to resemble the geography of Canada and the U.S. We pass various Canadian and American cities, topographical features and props, and eventually wind up in Florida, where the hockey stick is delivered to a little puppy in his own little purple office in Miami. "We make less urgent shipping to the U.S. awesome," says the onscreen tagline. The spot has a fun, energetic vibe, helped along by an acoustic-guitar track that sure sounds like Johnny Cash—although it's a bit of a mystery, as no one seems to be able to identify which song it is. Shazam and Google don't know it, either. (We're working on getting an answer.) UPDATE: We're told this an original track called "Coming Home" by Apollo Studios.

Dominoes have been used in ads before, of course. But the idea of using FedEx boxes is inspired, and the whole production is just infectious. Waiting three days for a package to get somewhere has never been so fun.


Client: FedEx Canada

Spot: "Dominoes"

Agency: BBDO, Toronto

Creative Directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno

Writer: Chris Joakim

Art Director: Mike Donaghey

Agency Producer: Beatrice Bodogh

Production Company: OPC

Director: Jeff Low

Editor: Mark Paiva, POSTERBOY Edit

Visual FX: AXYZ

Music: Apollo Studio

Color: Alter Ego

Account Service: Martina Ivsak, Jaya Gothi

Clients: Susan Hayes, Jason Shane

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