Ad of the Day: Diet Coke

Marc Jacobs pulls double duty as the brand's new creative director and ad star

Sartorial trends come and go, but in the fashion world, Diet Coke has always been a favorite. (In fact, it's the only liquid that legendary Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld will deign to ingest.) In recent years, fashion icons from Jean Paul Gaultier to Lagerfeld himself have lent their talents as "creative director" of the brand. Now, to celebrate its 30th anniversary in Europe, Diet Coke is bringing in yet another world-renowned designer: Marc Jacobs.

Fortunately for the brand, Jacobs happens to be more than an insanely gifted fashion designer. He's also somewhat of a sex symbol. So, it only makes sense that in addition to designing new packaging for the soft drink, Jacobs is also the star of an ad campaign.

In a new spot promoting the collaboration, three pretty girls stumble upon Jacobs in a photo booth, clad in his signature kilt but soon devoid of a shirt. As the pictures fly out and the curtain flies open to reveal Jacobs's chiseled, tattoo-covered physique, the girls squeal with delight—although it's not entirely clear whether they're big fans of his designs or just sadly unaware that they're not really his type.

No matter. Jacobs is always game to reveal his toned body, SpongeBob ink and all. Because if you had recently managed to go from this to this, wouldn't you want to show off, too?