Ad of the Day: Cotton Inc.’s Cute Summer Musical Is All About Staying Cool in the City

'Cooler in Cotton' takes shots at synthetics

For many of us, summer's here. It's hot and sticky. Showers don't help. You start out in bed with the covers off, and end up on the couch with the fan on and your legs splayed. 

Your butt sticks to the subway seats, and when you stand, you can feel the moisture—yours and other people's—running down your legs. And don't get us started on the underarm situation, or the sad state of sweaty boobs. 

These are ews that no amount of watermelon can ever take away. 

Cotton Inc. wants you to know there's relief. In a video from DDB New York, hashtagged #CoolerInCotton, a peppy but appealingly cool singer frolics through the city, preaching the gospel of cotton to people melting in their own sweat. 

The lyrics are fun ("Your body is a casserole of wet, salty hair/Your armpits smell like someone wiped them with some dirty underwear"), and the tune and choreography are positively Glee caliber. Plus, we can collectively hear our mom singing her tick-off of cotton's merits: "You want to wear more, wash less/Smell good, impress/At work, on a date/Summer will be great with cotton!" 

If at any point in the video you think, "Hey, those fun people reflect the whimsical lifestyle I wish to have," you can shop the looks here.

It'd be easy to nitpick what's essentially a catchy slice of propaganda (why is her roommate wearing a woolly pullover? Why would that guy put on a sweatervest?). But Cotton Inc. needs a consumer renaissance—on top of an unamenable planting season last year, cotton suffers from sluggish demand, lower competitive prices and high production costs, among other things.

But we're generally on board with the premise: Cotton does breathe better, stay cleaner and feel cooler than the vast majority of synthetic fabrics that companies like H&M are punting dirt-cheap, like a wearable variation of junk food. 

Will you still get sweat rings? Sure. But consider the bright side: In the event of fire, it won't melt on your skin and transform into Dip, like polyester. 


Client: Cotton Inc.

Agency: DDB New York Chief Creative Officer: Icaro Doria

Creative Director: Cassandra Anderson

Associate Creative Director: Marilyn Kam

Senior Art Director: Mina Mikhael

Copywriter: Turan Tuluy

Head of Production: Ed Zazzera

Executive Producer: Teri Altman

Business Affairs Manager: Joanna Soliszko

Account Director: Deborah Broda              

Management Supervisor: Lauren Solomon            

Senior Account Executive: Tiffany Nungaray

Brand Planning Director: Jennifer Fox

Senior Social Strategist: Robin West

Associate Producer: Kelly Treadway

Print Producer: Joan Elsesser

Production Company: Caviar

Director: Henry Scholfield

Executive Producers: Michael Sagol, Jasper Thomlinson, Darren Foldes, Nicola Kenney, Sorcha Shepherd

Producer: Giles Skillicorn

DP: Marc Gomez Del Moral

Choreographer: Olivier Casamayou

Costume: Alexandra Day

Art Director: Natasa Rogelj

Music: Mophonics

Composer/Executive Producer: Stephan Altman

Executive Producer: Shelley Altman

Editorial: Cosmo Street

Editor: Tom Scherma

Executive Producer: Maura Woodward

Producer: Anne Lai

Post Production Company: Framestore NY

Executive Producer: Derek Macleod-Veilleux            

Senior Flame Artist: Martin Lazaro

Flame Artist: Greg Gaskins

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