Ad of the Day: Indignant Child Delivers the Speech of His Life for Ikea

Are you getting all this?

When you watch an Ikea ad, you can generally expect one of two groups to be the target: One, style-conscious twenty-somethings looking to furnish their cramped apartment on a dime; or two, busy young families that need their coffee table to double as toy storage and a mobile workstation.

"Teddy's Speech," a spot from Ikea Australia's "Make Time for Living" campaign, fits squarely in the second category. Like so many other family-oriented Ikea ads, it stars a precocious-but-not-cutesy child (the titular Teddy, in this case), but rather than using Teddy to show how much easier life can be with the proper Ikea furnishings, the two-minute spot barely focuses on the store's offerings at all. Instead, it revolves around a simple message: Your home isn't just a place for catching up on emails or stopping by between appointments. It's a place for living.

That's a noble sentiment in an age when getting the family together for a meal can seem impossible. Unfortunately, the execution of the spot—by ad agency The Monkeys—leaves the viewer as exhausted as a 12-year-old with a dozen after-school activities.

As Teddy gives his speech, the camera follows him on a brisk walk around his underused home. Or is it homes? Every time he rounds a corner, we seem to have entered a new house, but the brisk pace makes it hard to tell. Poor Teddy can barely keep up himself. He looks (and sounds) perpetually out of breath as he enters room after room.

Presumably, there's a point behind the disordered visuals of "Teddy's Speech." Perhaps it's meant to mirror the hectic schedule of the modern family, never stopping to sit down and take a breather. But the spot ends up keeping viewers too busy trying to get their bearings to appreciate the message.


Client: Ikea Australia

Agency: The Monkeys

Film Production: Revolver

Director: Matt Devine, The Glue Society

Post: The Editors

Sound: Nylon

Content Production Company: Will O'Rourke

Director: Richard Bullock

Photography: Michael Corridore, Carine Thevenau, Jeremy Shaw

Media Agency: Match Media

Communication Director: Nick Wokes

Communications Manager: Mark Echo

Communications Manager: Russell Dowse

Online Content Hub Agency: Lavender

Client Services Director: Gayle While

PR Agency: Mango

GM: Claire Salvetti

Account Director: Ella Tacchi

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