Ad of the Day: Can a Big, Soft, Naked Guy Get You to Splurge on This Mattress?

Muun's gentle giant

When Frank Künster isn't bouncing drunken rowdies out of the King Size bar in Berlin, he's moonlighting as a nude model for mattress retailer Muun, appearing in web and outdoor ads by ad agency Amsterdam Berlin. 

At 300 pounds, Künster isn't exactly a hard body. But he's entirely comfortable in his own sagging, hairy skin, and that message comes through in the (probably SFW) two-and-a-half-minute film below.

It's like watching close-up footage of an alien world as the camera tastefully caresses his every crack and crevice, lingering on a nipple here, a kneecap there. Künster's rhythmic narration—even for those who can't understand German—is hypnotic. 

"I am so strong, I can afford to be gentle," he says, according to the translation. "Because I want to understand my fellow man, I prefer to talk instead of reacting physically, and I like to listen."

Hey, Male Copywriter, this beefy bouncer is stealing your schtick, which you stole from Burt Reynolds! Actually, Künster seems to channel the confidence of that chubby Southern Comfort guy, with a pinch of Friedrich Liechtenstein-esque tossed in. Supergeil!

"Most of the time, I still think of myself as 'Little Frank' from the village," the gentle giant's voiceover concludes. "You have to constantly remind yourself where you come from. I'm just a softy!" (Thankfully, 'Little Frank'—ahem—remains hidden for the duration.) "German Softness" is the tagline.

"The insight is that Germans are great at engineering, but are now engineering softness too," says agency founder and creative director Mortiz Grub, who presumably kept his clothes on while directing the spot. "So we took the ultimate hard-edged figure and revealed his true secret of success—his softness." 

The unlikely ad star, already a cult celebrity in Berlin even before his commercial debut, told local media that he had no problem posing nude and plans to do more modeling. "Frank came through our personal contacts," says Grub. "He was part of the concept already when we came up with the idea. Luckily, he liked the idea and the team, so he was quick to join."

Künster's chill vibe seems perfect for a mattress commercial. And according to Grub, the dude's relaxed performance was 100 percent authentic. "Frank was asleep most of the time," he says. "Not just in the breaks—during the actual shoot!"


Client: Muun

Creative Director: Lenz Meier 

Agency/Production Co.: Amsterdam Berlin

Creative Director: Moritz Grub

Creative: Max Braun

Director: Moritz Grub

DOP: Kevin Klein

Postproduction: Paul Schwabe Digital Productions

Music: YouGuys Music Berlin

Photography: Moritz Grub