Ad of the Day: Allstate

Mayhem is back, and now he's a biker

Dean Winters reprises his role as Allstate's ubiquitous personification of "Mayhem," lurking perpetually around the corner. In the past, he's manifested the myriad dangers of car ownership—as a deer caught in the headlights, an espresso-drenched and gleefully litigious executive, and a lovelorn and distracted teenage girl, to name a few. Now, courtesy of Leo Burnett, the endearingly evil character has returned to wreak havoc with an ill-advised motorcycle test ride on a sunny suburban afternoon. The spot hews closely in look, tone, and feel to the previous work, with good reason. Winters' cheeky fear mongering still effectively drives home the insurer's buy-it-or-else message—a stark and intentional contrast to the dulcet persona of lead spokesman Dennis Haysbert. The shtick's clearly not worn out yet, but the re-up does prompt the question: How many more of these can the brand deliver before the idea gets old?


Client: Allstate

Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

Spot: "Motorcycle Test Driver"

Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle

Executive Creative Director: Jeanie Caggiano

Executive Creative Director: Charley Wickman

Creative Director: Mikal Pittman

Creative Director: Britt Nolan

Copywriter: Matt Miller

Copywriter: Britt Nolan

Producer:  Bryan Litman

Editorial: Whitehouse Post

Editor: Carlos Lowenstein

Assistant Editor: James Dierx

Executive Producer: Carrie Holecek

Producer: laurie Adrianopoli

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