Ad of the Day: Alison Brie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Practice Kissing (Badly) for Apple TV

Not even Siri can point them in the right direction

On the heels of Cookie Monster's baked appearance in an iPhone ad, Apple has found its two new celebrity ad stars—Alison Brie, of Community and Mad Men fame, and Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. 

The new 60-second spot, by TBWA\Media Arts Lab, broke Thursday night and features an amusing little skit of a plot. Brie and Coster-Waldau are rehearsing in a trailer on a Hollywood set for a kissing scene—evidently as part of some long-ago war story with a soldier and a nurse. 

But it's not going that well. 

Brie, who doesn't feel that they're projecting any passion, consults the TV, where Coster-Waldau is seen kissing Juliette Binoche in the 2013 film 1,000 Times Good Night—with what looks like much more success. Thanks to Apple TV, Brie asks Siri to rewind the movie by a few seconds, to see if she's missing anything important. 

Not satisfied, Brie then tries to search for Game of Thrones on Apple TV, but Coster-Waldau has a better (or actually, much worse) idea. He asks Siri to open Apple Music and find songs by Jeremih, to which he grooves, embarrassingly, to try to get Alison in the mood. 

Comic celebrity spots aren't traditionally an Apple strength (not counting the "Mac vs. PC" campaign, which was character- and not primarily celeb-based). But this ad, and the Cookie Monster one, show the brand's willingness to be a little looser and goofier, and the results are promising.

So, when does Lil Wayne ditch Samsung and do his own Apple commercial? 


Client: Apple (Apple TV)

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

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