Absolut Web Film Backs Flavor Launch

NEW YORK Absolut has introduced a three-part Web documentary as part of its introduction of a new flavored vodka.

“The Making of Absolut APeach,” a “documentary” that chronicles the five-member flavor team’s quest to develop the vodka, debuted this week on the Absolut Web site. The first three-minute installment introduces the flavor team and the project’s premise. A second installment will be released on Oct. 12, and a third on Oct. 26.

The push is reminiscent of Fallon’s BMW Films campaign. Since that effort ran in 2003, however, many more Web users have broadband Internet connections, making original advertiser video content online more practical. Dawn Winchester, vice president of client services at Interpublic Group’s R/GA, said this week at the MIXX Conference that clients are beginning to include R/GA in commercial shoots to support its Web work.

The Absolut campaign also includes a sweepstakes, in which the winner will receive $10,000 for an Absolut APeach launch party. Absolut, however, cannot supply vodka to the party because of legal restrictions.