A Long-Lasting Relationship Between Brands and Influencers Radiates Authenticity

Their contributions to push a message or promote a product will resonate on a deeper level

Chrissy Teigen communicates with her daughter as she is on the set for a Pampers advertisement
Chrissy Teigen has an ongoing relationship she's built with Pampers since the birth of her daughter. Pampers

In the fast-paced world of social media stars, digital trends and platform popularity, the pursuit of longevity drastically impacts how marketers plan their social strategy. For brands, establishing and maintaining longevity in influencer marketing is about choosing the right influencer and locking into the right activation strategy, one that is aligned with the right tone and message, has the right audience and is engaging with their followers. For influencers, longevity is about maintaining a loyal and engaged core audience and growing in relevant categories, whether that means a fashion blogger expanding to beauty and lifestyle categories or taking on efforts to grow their following outside of their base city.

Lauren McGrath Shaftel is vp of Activate Studio and strategy.