7 Green is sexy

As if there weren’t enough terms out there to segment people, this year saw the rise of the “ecosexual.” The ecosexual refers to a person who lives green and expects the same from his or her significant other. There is no doubt that there is a newfound public interest in environmentalism; even Vanity Fair produced a special green issue this year. Al Gore’s surprise hit documentary An Inconvenient Truth heightened the debate and became the third-highest grossing documentary of all time. But in addition to talk, there was action. Big business—including the auto industry—stepped up its efforts to address the demand for eco-friendly products. GM unveiled its new green assembly plant in Lansing, Mich., and at last month’s Los Angeles Auto Show, showed its new Saturn Aura Green Line. Honda, Nissan and Ford also touted green models. Last month, the Supreme Court for the first time tackled the global-warming debate, hearing a case of 12 states suing the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to limit harmful emissions. The public has finally recognized that the global warming crisis is too important to ignore. Now let’s hope Gore is right, and it’s not too late.