7-Eleven Stocks Up With Private Label

7-Eleven is diving further into the private label sector. The convenience chain this week announced the expansion of its 7-Select private label line to include 15 bakery-type snack products.

The new products include mini-donuts: Powdered sugar (six-pack and 10-ounce bag), chocolate frosted (six-pack and 10-ounce bag), and crunch (six-pack). The other additions are chocolate cupcakes, gold creme cakes, apple snack pies, cherry snack pies, iced honey buns and glazed honey buns. Several kinds of danishes round off the lineup, including iced cheese, iced cherry cheese, iced apple, and bear claw varieties.

To promote the line’s expansion, all new items will be available for 99 cents at participating stores through Dec. 31. Starting in January, the items will retail for a suggested price of $1.19, with the 10-ounce bags of mini-donuts priced at $1.99.

“Customers who turn to private label are looking for better values and ways to save money,” said Joe Hermes, 7-Eleven senior product director for bakery and produce, in a statement. “But just saving money isn’t enough to keep them as repeat purchasers. Our goal was to match or improve on the taste and quality of the baked goods by the national brands. If you can do that and save a customer money, they’re more likely to become loyal to that product.”

7-Eleven has put in significant effort this year to succeed in the private label sector [http://www.csnews.com/csn/search/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1004014548], focusing its activities on introducing a range of products, such as sandwich bags and olive oil, as well as refining the labeling and packaging. Seven of the chain’s nine varieties of single-serve chip products rank in the Top 10 best selling category SKUs.

The 7-Select brand currently has over 200 products in production. The company plans to introduce an additional 40 products in stores by the end of 2009, as well as new snack cake items in 2010.