$65 Mil. Amp’d Goes Into Play

LOS ANGELES Amp’d Mobile has launched a review for the creative portion of its $65 million business, confirmed Catherine Bension, president and CEO of Select Resources International, the consultancy overseeing the process.

An unspecified number of proposal requests have been issued, and the client here prefers a local shop, Bension said. A list of contenders is expected in the next two of weeks.

Representatives of independent Taxi in New York, the incumbent, said it would not defend.

Buying chores, handled by Horizon Media here, are not in play.

Amp’d is considered a youth brand, targeting 15-34-year-old users, and the company claims it added over 100,000 subscribers in 2006, including 70,000 in the fourth quarter when distribution at Circuit City and Best Buy chains were established.

Amp’d specializes in video, gaming and music downloads. Original content includes “Lil Bush: Resident of the United States,” and coverage of Ultimate Fighting Championship matches and Supercross.

Last year, the client spent $35 million in measured media, per TNS Media Intelligence, but the RFP specifies that the business is worth $65 million.

Doug Dobie, client CMO, said Taxi had been “invited to defend, but it is a scale issue and they know it. Taxi has done a good job as a boutique, and they served us really well early, took us from no brand recognition to tremendous brand recognition, but they are New York based, and a smaller shop.”

The company has ambitious plans and not only needs a larger agency, but one that can provide round-the-clock service, he said.

Dobie hopes to have the new agency in place in time for a back-to-school campaign in late July.