A 53-Year-Old Ballerina Personifies Defying Age in This Skin Care Ad

Introduces No7's new campaign to U.S. market

Beauty and skin-care products often have a similar goal—to defy age. When it comes to personifying that concept, skin-care brand No7 has chosen the ideal spokesperson: Alessandra Ferri, who was the youngest prima ballerina at London's Royal Ballet at 19 and is still dancing professionally at 53.

Ferri's remarkable feat is celebrated in No7's campaign produced with Mother London and Mother New York that launched in the U.K. earlier this year and in the U.S. this month. In the captivating video, Ferri, who was 52 when the ad was shot, dances beautifully on stage at the Royal Ballet with a hologram of her 19-year-old self performing alongside her.

Ferri, who retired after 22 years as a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre in 2007, came out of retirement in 2013 and performed in a production of "Romeo and Juliet" at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York last summer.

The campaign's tagline, "Ready for more," is about inspiring women to be ready to take on more, as Ferri has done, said Lyle Tick, managing director of Boots Retail USA, which markets No7.

"Consumers told us that when they're feeling good about themselves and their skin, it helped them take on all of their responsibilities with their shoulders back and their chin up and be ready to take on the world," Tick said. "Alessandra Ferri is a great example of this. She's a real, beautiful, powerful woman who's taking on the world at 53. It's the embodiment of this idea."

Peter Ravailhe, CEO at Mother New York, said, "Over the last few years we've seen an important shift in culture from being focused on youth to celebrating the beauty of women, no matter their age, ethnicity or nationality. We're excited to partner with No7 to create work that continues to celebrate women and defy classic beauty marketing conventions."