5 Nominees Emerge for Commercial Emmy

NEW YORK The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles announced the nominations for Outstanding Commercial today.
The five nominees are: Hallmark’s “Brother of the Bride,” Leo Burnett, Chicago; FedEx’s “Carrier Pigeons,” BBDO, New York; Travelers Insurance’s “Delivery,” Fallon, Minneapolis; Coca-Cola’s “It’s Mine,” Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.; and Bud Light’s “Swear Jar,” DDB, Chicago.

The Hallmark commercial, a two-minute spot directed by Joe Pytka, follows the brother of a bride as he puts his foot in his mouth each time he speaks to a guest at the wedding reception. He surprises everyone when he gives a touching toast to the couple, read from a Hallmark card.
The FedEx spot broke on the Super Bowl this year. Directed by Tom Kunz of MJZ, the 45-second commercial shows what happens when an office worker decides to use carrier pigeons to service his shipping needs.
The Travelers commercial, a 60-second spot directed by Rupert Samuel of MJZ, stars an insurance representative who travels with a giant red umbrella and rescues people in need — children caught in a rain storm, a circus troop stranded by an out-of-service ferry, a business on “Broadway Ave.” — to show the insurance company is “there when you need it.”
Coca-Cola’s “It’s Mine,” a 60-second spot directed by Nicolai Fuglsig of MJZ, made its debut on the Super Bowl this year and features parade balloons, Family Guy‘s Stewie and Underdog, that take flight to chase a Coca-Cola bottle balloon, but in the end, Charlie Brown wins.
Bud Light’s “Swear Jar,” a 60-second commercial directed by David Shane through Hungry Man, shows what happens to an office when a swear jar is introduced and workers are told a case of Bud Light will be bought with the money.
The winner will be announced on Sept. 13 at the 60th Creative Arts Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Last year’s Emmy for Outstanding Commercial went to American Express for its “Animals” spot by Ogilvy & Mather, New York, starring Ellen DeGeneres.