4 From Barnhart/CMI Open Workhorse Advertising

ViaWest Is First Client; Shop Plans Broad New-Business Strategy
LOS ANGELES–A millennial foursome of King Richards has traded its kingdom for a horse, leaving Barnhart/CMI in Denver to open a new agency, Workhorse Advertising in Boulder, Colo.
The new shop was formed in early April. Co-creative directors are Tim Abare and Chris Beatty; co-account directors are Scott Coe and Matt Neren.
“We want to build a model that’s nimble and really gets into the head of the customer we’re working with,” said Coe.
The agency has signed its first client, ViaWest Internet Services, and has crafted a
$1 million newspaper, radio, outdoor, direct mail and collateral campaign that is expected to break in the next few weeks.
“We all believe in doing great work and wanting to try things from a different perspective,” said Coe. “Philosophically, we wanted to create a culture from scratch.”
From scratch, indeed. During what they referred to as a “catharsis period” between agencies, the four partners converted a farmhouse into their offices, participating in everything from nailing up Sheetrock to installing handmade wagon wheel light fixtures.
Coe said this from-the-ground-up philosophy reflects the kind of branding strategies the agency plans to offer. “We’ve brought the culture of how we think an agency should function into a work environment,” he said.
The agency plans to work for clients in a variety of industries. Coe described the ideal client as “brave and willing to go to market with a relevant voice, not just a loud one.”
The four founders are currently the only Workhorse staffers, although they do expect to add staff, and are looking in particular for an art director.