4 Agency Veterans Tell You What to Do, and What Not to Do, in Cannes

How to make your week count

First time going to Cannes Lions? We've got you covered. Or rather, these four agency veterans of the Croisette do.

Cannes can be overwhelming if you haven't experienced its particular whirlwind of work and fun before. So we asked four execs who've got it mastered—Jonny Bauer of Droga5, Leslie Sims of Y&R, Ed Brojerdi of KBS and Christoph Becker of gyro—to give advice to newbies.

What should you do when you arrive? What should you never do? Should you camp out in the Palais? How far should you stray from the Croisette?

Check out the video for some great tips that should help carry you through the week. 

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