360i’s Los Angeles Office Is Hiring Its Very First Robot Intern

Participants will beam in

Headshot of Katie Richards

Internships at an ad agency are not easy to come by—the process of getting selected for a spot on the team can be highly competitive. It can be especially hard for young people living outside of major cities like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago to take on an internship and live in a costly city for a few months.

360i came up with a way for one lucky person, living outside a big city, to participate in the internship experience using an in-house Beam robot—creating the agency's very first robot internship and robot intern.

"The robot internship will give those kids from McCall or Waverly, Tennessee or wherever, an opportunity that is few and far between, to play in the advertising big leagues for a few weeks and get even more excited about the industry we're in. And of course … robots are awesome," Michael Nuzzo, group creative director of 360i L.A., said.

The robot intern will be able to hang at the water cooler.

The internship will be out of the agency's L.A. office, even though the intern won't need to be physically present in the office to complete his or her responsibilities. Instead, the selected intern will beam into the office three times a week for a few hours over a one-month period. The Beam technology makes it seem like the person is really in the office, not just another faceless name behind a screen, but instead a floating head on a screen scooting around the office.

360i put out a call for applicants earlier this week searching for talented young creatives from all over the country. Not only will the intern, "work on real client briefs and special assignments," according to the application, but they will also "attend meetings and present your work from inside a 4-foot-tall robot." Nifty!

Those looking to apply do not need any previous robot experience or any ad school or advertising experience. Instead, 360i is looking for candidates that are excited to learn about new technologies, social media and advertising. Plus, the intern will need to be relatively comfortable with Snapchat and document the internship experience on the agency's Snapchat account created just for the robot/intern.

Over the next few weeks, 360i will be posting exercises and challenges on the agency's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for interested applicants to participate in. The idea is to give potential interns a chance to demonstrate their creative capabilities. Finalists will be interviewed by beaming in to the L.A. agency.

"We're just really excited about providing an opportunity to someone who may not have access to one. There's a lot of great, untapped talent out there and not just in the New York and L.A.'s of the world. Our goal is to find that talent, that person and give them the chance to show it off," Nuzzo added.

@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.